Saturday, April 18, 2020

2020 Bead Peeps Swap N Hop REVEAL! 

Welcome to our annual Bead Peeps Swap N Hop Reveal!  This is the 6th year that we've joined this creative project; it's an event where beaders and jewelry designers partner up, swap beads, create and then showcase their creations in blog and social media hops.  Take a look below at the swap we sent and the swap we received!

Our partner this year was Rozantia Petkova from Bulgaria!  She is a regular jeweler blogger known for her accomplished wire work designs, especially creations with beautiful sea glass.  We were so excited to have her as our partner this year, her passion for her craft really shines through in her wonderful creations. ♥

We sent Rozantia a curated collection of beads that focused on gorgeous lampwork beads and a lampwork pendant made by the Dry Gulch gals.  We also sent glass, crystal and stones plus Shibuichi findings.  We can't wait to see what Rozantia creates with her Swap N Hop mix!


The beautiful components Rozantia sent us include amazing creations from Bulgaria!  This whimsical collection features pretty lampwork Angel Cat and Hamsa Hand beads from Petrovna Lampwork in Bulgaria, a cute hand painted pebble by Bulgarian artist Niuffa, a flower ceramic component from an artist in Kentucky, USA and finally a BEAUTIFUL hand wrapped sea glass pendant from Rozantia along with her own decoupaged washi tape wood beads.

Each of us tackled a specific item in this collection - the wide range of artisan pieces really made us think out of the box!

Also, we had a twist in the Bead Peeps Swap N Hop this year!  Participants had to add something colored in the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year to our projects.  The color is Classic Blue, so we sent metallic blue crystal beads for Rozantia's project, and she sent us a handmade washi tape bead in Classic Blue for our project.


Our first creation came from Gianna, our resident seed beader!  She used Rozantia's washi tape beads as beautiful accents for her design.  She was inspired by the Asian style the washi beads exhibited, so she hand forged an oriental inspired pendant out of iron wire and dangled a gorgeous mother of pearl "gong" pendant from it.  The beautiful Classic Blue bead in the pendant (as well as several beads in the chain) is Rozantia's washi tape creation.  Gianna also wired together two matching linked chain necklaces with vintage glass, freshwater pearls and blue Chalcedony stones.  To really bring a taste of the Orient to this design, she also incorporated several colors and shapes of lovely cloisonne beads! 

Next, Deborah tackled the brightly colored Hamsa Hand lampwork bead.  She hand knotted coordinating colors of beads using nylon cord and made a fun orange tassel for the pendant.  This bright and summery necklace features vintage Czech glass beads, blue Jade stones and a hand stamped "Good Vibes" brass charm from Catherine.  This necklace is actually a Mala, which is a design made with exactly 108 beads and used by ancient monks and modern yogis alike.  Fun fact, the warm pine wood beads in this Mala have been scented with delicious cedar.

The other artisan piece was a fabulous black Angel Cat bead made by the same Bulgarian artists that created the Hamsa Hand focal.  Catherine loves to wear bracelets and earrings, so she incorporated the Angel Cat into a multi-strand boho leather bracelet.  We've actually featured this Gypsy Spirit bracelet design in several classes for our bead shows, but Catherine used copper glass rings and Czech wampum tubes to "weave" the leather cording in her Angel Cat bracelet.  The clasp features a gorgeous red and gold Czech glass button too.

Finally, Rozantia's beautiful wire wrapped sea glass focal didn't need much to create a gorgeous necklace!  In this collaboration, Deborah hand knotted olivine sea glass beads and sparkling crystals on nylon cord.  Catherine then forged the "bail" connector and the clasp from brass and copper wire to finish off the hand knotted necklace.  This necklace absolutely glows and we love the nature-like colors. ♥

Thank you all for viewing our 2020 Swap N Hop creations!  We want to send Linda Anderson of Bead Peeps a big thank you for hosting the 6th Annual Swap N Hop.  Don't forget to hop to all the links below to see what the other Swap participants created!

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  1. Just when I thought Rozantia's woven sea glass couldn't look any better, you have taken it to a whole new level with the bail and the clasp. That piece is my favourite of all the creations.

    1. Thank you Divya! That bail and clasp took a couple of attempts until everything finally came together.

  2. I am smitten with all the designs! My beads now live in their true home, loaded with exotic vibes and optimistic feel! Thank you for treating them in such a spectacular way! I am partial to all the pieces but the way Gianna built a multi-strand necklace around a couple of washi beads is very impressive! What better than a Mala for the Hamsa bead! The Angel cat is now happy in a garden of her own :) What a one of a kind bail you've made for the sea glass pendant, Catherine! Divya is right - you've taken it to a new level! I am so happy to have had you as partners!

    1. You are too kind!!! This was such a fun challenge to each one of us gals! Each piece you sent was very special & fun to work with. Your beautiful sea glass pendant was easy to do-such a spectacular piece on its very own!!!! Thank you for being our partner, we feel the very same way❤️

  3. WOW!! Each piece is prettier than the next! I think my fave is the cat bracelet. It's so colourful and fun! My address is.... 😂

    Great job, ladies!

    1. Thank you Linda! These pieces were so much fun to make ♥


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