Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's All About Malachite!

Add touches of green into your jewelry this spring.  Malachite is favored for its natural beauty and rich color combinations.  Makes me think of emeralds, seaglass, and beautiful oxidized copper!  This magnificent colored gemstone is a basic copper carbonate, vividly banded with two or more tones of green.  The beautiful green color comes from the copper contained in the stone (which is an altered form of copper).  Water presence also affects the shade:  more water in the copper makes it lighter, and less makes it darker.  Malachite is not as hard as other stones, so it should be cleaned with warmed soapy water, and not with any cleaners containing ammonia.  Oh yes, known to ward off "the evil eye ;)".  You can find these stones here on our Website. 

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