Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bead Soup Preview

We are excited to have Dana Hickey of Magpie Approved as our bead soup blog partner.  Above is a preview of the packages filled with Soup that we sent to Dana on Friday.  We also are happily anticipating the goodies that have been sent to us!  Afterall, who doesn't love receiving surprise packages in the mail?!


  1. What beautiful packages! Dana is going to have a lot of fun opening up these treasures for sure! I look forward to seeing what each of you receive and create.

  2. Wow love your packaging! Looking forward to seeing what you two create!!

  3. Went to the PO today! One word = Love!!!! I am now feeling incredibly guilty :) Thank you so much for a wonderful soup! If you like yours just half as much as I like mine we are all good!
    <3 Dana