Saturday, May 10, 2014

8th Bead Soup Reveal

Welcome to the 8th Bead Soup Reveal!  This is our second Bead Soup Swap, and is as exciting as the first one!  Our partner is Jennifer VanBenschoten of VanBeads.

Above is the colorful collection of beadsoup we received.  What to do, what to do!?  After much deliberation we decided that all four of us here at Dry Gulch would create a design.  So... "without further ado", I present our Beadsoup creations...

Touch of Daisies
This charming necklace made by my daughter, Jennifer, begins with a brass donut.  She cut the decorative oval in half, then added it to the donut before topping it with vintage daisies from a pair of 1940's earrings.  This hangs from a textured gold-plated solid brass chain with colorful and faceted acrylic beads dangling up both sides of the focal.  A summer necklace with a touch of daisies!
Summer Charms
Also created by Jennifer is this pretty charm bracelet made with silver-plated rollo chain, textured circles, leaves and pearl drops.  The colorful resin beads from VanBeads add just the right touch and color!
On The Beach
My granddaughter, Catherine, picked out the stone doughnut, resin beads, and freshwater pearl.  She brought this necklace together by adding shibuichi and patina - just love the bail!  All this necklace needs is a beach!
What's in the Box?
Wow... My granddaughter, Gianna, loves pink and boxes!  For Gianna, this was the perfect opportunity to use the lovely rose quartz.  She soldered a box, filled it up with beadsoup, and enhanced it even further with crystal chain!  She then added quartz chips and cloisonne.  This necklace was finished with hand-dyed vintage seam-binding and iron wire.  What imagination!
In the Garden
Yet another fun Gianna pretty!  She used all the resin flowers, then wire-wrapped them to a filigree.  She used silver headpins for stamens.  There is even a cloisonne butterfly, enjoying the beauty of it all!
Hippie Chic
And then, there's me, Deborah, also known as Grandma!  This is definitely "hippie chic".  I used the large gold focal from the soup and wrapped it with a filigree, added a special vintage piece and lots more swarovski sparkles!  I dangled different components, including one of my mom's earrings, and a crystalllized peace sign on the bottom.  Oh yes, and of course, "flower power" chain!

That was it!  Thanks for dropping by, and we hope you enjoyed our creations.  Our most sincere "thanks" to our hostess, Lori Anderson, for the opportunity to participate in this fun and exciting beading adventure!  Click the link to find the next Bead Soup reveal.


Above is our soup we sent to Jennifer of VanBeads - so please hop on over to her blog and see what she's been working on.  Happy hopping :)