Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just a Little Steampunk by Cat

This is Catherine from Dry Gulch on the blog today, I just have to share one of my latest creations!  This necklace is a custom order, and my criteria for it was something that wasn't too layered or big.  The customer wanted a more subtle kind of steampunk that could go with her dress that she's wearing to a convention.  She had picked out some fabulous little pin-and-cog earrings made by Grandma (Deborah), so I took those home and started playing!  First thing first was making the pendants, and I finally settled on three kinds.  Two have been ICE-resined with real gears and cogs from my stash of torn-apart watches, and one features filigrees and charms with Swarovski flatback crystals on top. 

After the pendant components had finished their two-day setting time, I then went to work trying to see which ones would go together.  As much as I loved the filled circular pendant, I just knew I could get the pin and filigree to be very fun.  After that came the long part of the necklace, and that was remedied with antique brass chain, pins, big-hole spacers similar to gears, solid copper gear cutouts and just a dash of Swarovskis. 


Voila!  The finished necklace.  I don't often get the time to create steampunk-styled projects like this, so this necklace was a blast to make.  I particularly liked the challenge in making a less "gooped up" kind of steampunk necklace.  I feel like this necklace could be worn either casually, formally or even to a masquerade party.  Thank you all for reading, and enjoy!




  1. very unique piece-I really like it

  2. Oh my goodness! This set is just beautiful! These two pendants really went well together...would have chosen these two as well. Although the other pendant is awesome too! Love the earrings!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! That other pendant shall have to be for a future project!

  3. Hello, I saw you on the GYB list and thought I would call in for a quick look. Loving reading your blog. You make such unique pieces.