Sunday, September 15, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge #17

Teaching at our store yesterday was Melanie Rees, a wire-wrapping artist from Kansas City.  It was a fun day indeed!

This first creation above was made by Jennifer.  She wire-wrapped purple AB chinese crystals on gently curved silver-plated wires.  The perfect finishing touches are the beautiful lampwork beads, also made by Jennifer.
As for myself...these carefree earrings above were fun to make.  I looped the wire into swirling petals, attached a couple of buttons and topped them off with Vintage Rose Swarovski crystal flatbacks..... Ta-Dah!


  1. Jennifer's earring are lovely and elegant. I would love to learn that technique but wirework has never been easy for me.

    And I love the whispy look of your flower earrings. So cute!

  2. Both such pretty pairs of earrings! I especially like your swirly petal earrings - such an innovative way to make petals and to use buttons and crystals!

  3. This is the main reason why I never purchase plated jewelry. Plated jewelry whether it be hip hop jewelry or any fashion jewelry has a life expectancy of the plating. Once it wears off you mis well throw it in the trash, cause its going to turn your skin green.