Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Design With Me" Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, contributor Melissa Meman on Art Jewelry Elements, created a challenge to finish an "unfinished" jewelry project.  With ideas continuallly changing, it sometimes makes it challenging to stick to a plan, but with perseverance and some experimenting our "unfinished" projects are completed.
Jennifer's Creation
What a beautiful soft combination of colors!  Jennifer made the above necklace with lustrous hand-painted porcelian beads, which were just waiting for the rutilated quartz, given to Jennifer by her friend Delores.  Each section has been framed with tiny Magatama Seed Beads.  Well, of course... the "Pièce de résistance" is the sterling silver toggle!  This necklace ends with a dangling of beads, and on the very end, an enameled headpin.  All the elements are complete in this classically-styled elegant necklace!

Deborah's Necklace
Sometimes the hardest part is deciding where to begin...but this necklace above began with the "treasured" lampwork beads that Jennifer made for me.  They needed something unique.  I bought the crystal-adorned leather bracelet from Brady's Jewelry, where they make some pretty cool custom "Rowdy Cowgirl" jewelry!  The centerpiece was a hidden gem found in an old horse tackbox.  A torch-enameled leaf dangles at the bottom.  A little bit rustic vintage, a little bit cowgirl bling, and a whole lot of charm. :)

We are delighted with the end results...and would like to thank Melisa Meman for the challenge, for these beads will no longer be sitting around forgotten in a drawer, instead they will be happily enjoyed!


  1. Hi! Thanks for participating in my challenge. I love both those pieces! The colors in the 1st necklace are right up my alley!

  2. Well done both of you! I have the hardest time trying to do asymmetrical, my hands just don't seem to want to let me.

    And now I know We is more than one of you posting! I can be slow at times lol