Monday, April 29, 2013

More Ceramics On Our Mind

A new chapter begins... a couple of weeks ago we went to Phoenix Fired Art in Joplin, MO.  The "Phoenix" is a wonderful, very well equipped studio where you can come in and make ceramics.  They offer classes and have a fantastic Art Gallery.  Anyway, we met up with our friend Kristin Girard and our friend Peggy Lierheimer, who just happens to work and "play" there.  This is where we found the fun of bringing clay to life.  You can form it, texturize it, color it, you can do just about anything with it, then fire it in a kiln - and VOILA - it's frozen in time!  Love it!  Above are pictures of our first efforts.  Needless to say, we're hooked!  We've been playing with our clay and all the new glazes we ordered to experiment with.  When it comes to ceramic jewelry, your imagination is the only limit!!!

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