Friday, January 11, 2013

Button Bracelet and Earrings

Button, button, who's got the button?  This bracelet and earring set certainly does - and more!  Lately, we seem to be fascinated with buttons.  They really make the most interesting and vintage-looking jewelry.  The buttons are set on silver-plated filigrees which can be found here, and then linked together with jumprings and finished with a beautiful toggle.  The bracelet can be found here.


  1. I love buttons! I get it from my great grandma! She made everything from buttons! I was 16 when she died and she left me all her jars full of buttons! So buttons are very special to my heart!
    So glad you guys have a blog! I live 3 hours away currently. Last month it was an ocean away! (China) my hometown is Joplin! So when I stop by I always come in! I need to start ordering online now that I know you have a site! I'm very excited to read the blog!

    1. Beth - We appreciate your comment and you are so lucky to have all of your great grandma's buttons!

      I also have my grandmother's, my mom's and my own buttons that I have had for many years. I search garage sales and antique stores, always looking for more buttons.

      Hope you get to visit us at the store again sometime soon.

  2. I love the bracelet. That would be something I would make. Will try to make it to store next month and do some shopping like always.

  3. These button Bracelets for Women are so quick and easy to make, I think they would make great gifts. You could also make the threads a little longer and turn them into anklets. Have you turned buttons into jewelry?